About Us

Who We Are:

Diamondback Engraving, LLC is owned and operated by young entrepreneur, William Lovelace. We operate business in a fun, fast paced, "outside the box" environment. Each of our 10+ team members have a dedicated purpose in the company's goals and future. Our production staff is thoroughly trained to operate a variety of engraving equipment. Coupled with skill and their passion for artistic merit, they are capable of engraving almost any item that will fit inside our machines.

Our offices are open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m, Monday - Friday.

Walk-ins are welcome!

What We Do:

Our mission at Diamondback Engraving is very simple, to be the best.  Our in-house production room caters to both individuals and businesses alike. With an eager, highly skilled staff, we consider no job too big or too small. Whether it's engraving initials on a sentimental piece of jewelry or it's etching a multi-colored logo in quantities in the thousands, we can accomplish it alongside you and your vision. We own 12 engraving machines, including diamond drag, Co2 laser and fiber laser and are proud to be authorized engravers with companies like Z-Clip, Corkcicle, Zippo Lighters and WatrBotl. Within engraving production, our 5,000 sq ft warehouse is suited for client's on-site storage and shipping demands. At full capacity we can run nearly 10,000 engraved products per week.

99% of all orders fall within our standard turnaround time of 2-3 business days.

Moving Forward

2017 looks to be a great year at Diamondback Engraving, LLC. We will be adding additional personnel and equipment to keep up with the growing demand in our industry. Our administrative staff, equipment and office will allow us to comfortably operate at a staff of around 20 employees.

Looking Back: Diamondback Engraving was formed in September 2012 by William Lovelace. Its origin company was Lovelace Custom Pens. William started Lovelace Custom Pens in August of 2009. Lovelace Custom Pens started as a handmade custom pen company in Artesia New Mexico. In May 2010 Lovelace Custom Pens purchased a router engraving machine. Soon after Lovelace Custom Pens started selling engraved pens, Aluminum Dog Tags and offered engraving services. Over time the engraved products and engraving services sales grew above the hand crafted pens. Soon after, almost all of our business was in engraving. We decided to sell the pen company. Starting in August 2012 we started selling Lovelace Custom Pens. We sold off inventory, websites, machines and more. In the middle of September 2012 we Purchased a laser engraving and cutting machine for Diamondback Engraving. In May 2013 William and Joni moved to Austin Texas to operate Diamondback Engraving full time. Diamondback started as a mobile engraving company. Most of our initial business and customers were gained by attending events across central Texas. We operated Diamondback mobile and online for 2 years before gaining a physical location. Our first office was 1,300 square feet, located in Oak Hill, just west of Austin TX. We occupied our first office for 12 months before outgrowing it and moving to our current location. In July 2015 we moved to our 5,000 square feet location on Todd Lane. In January of 2016 we gave our office a face-lift, designing a showroom with wall to wall products, accent walls and installing carpet across all of the admin offices. 2016 was a great year at Diamondback! We joined several promotional industry originations opening up, a limitless distributor customer base. We also broke $1 Million dollars in gross revenue. Ending the year of 2016, with 11 full time employees, we have never been more capable, and the future is bright!